Many Will Come

Many will come (here and there)
and cries of joy will be heard that
the savior is here and then all the

resentments and anger and dis-
appointments will gather together
under one roof and will be directed

at those held responsible and the
solipsistic savior will smile his sly
smile and the rumors of war will

become real wars and the roof will
cave and in the cave by the firelight
there will be a shadow and many

will believe that the shadow is the
one to come but it is only the shadow
of oneself. And then a still, small

voice is heard, “Come out of the
cave. The sun is rising and although
it is a tad brisk for this fall day, it

is a day made just for you.” And
as the one walked toward the light,
the shadow dropped down the

wall onto the floor and disappear-
ed. And when the one emerged
from the cave, there was no one

to be seen but the voice in his
heart had been right: it was a
“bright, bright sunshiny day.”

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