Why Does Washington Hate Us?

Why does Washington hate us?
What did we ever do to you?
We, at least, pay taxes. That’s a plus.
We are the middle class, working class, lower class through and through.

We are the bedrock of the nation.
I would think you would celebrate who we are.
We need to lift those in economic trepidation
not abandon them to feathers and tar.

This may go down as the meanest administration
trying to cut off much of any support or aid
while feathering corporate beds to our consternation.
Do you hope that we all will just fade

away so more dollars can go into national defense,
a faux answer to fears and insecurities galore?
Don’t corporations know our contribution would be immense?
With economic security, we would buy that much more?

But Washington has been bought and sold
by lobbyists with one percenters’ money to burn
and legislators, mostly big, fat, white and old,
wouldn’t know an honest day’s wages to earn.

But we, the bedrock of the nation, caused a rout;
we flexed our muscle, voted and threw the biggest bum out.

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