The Self-Made American Male*

Maybe we American males were dependent for just a very short period of time, suckling
at our mother’s breasts, but then we stood up, got going and did everything necessary
on our own. Say what? Oh, it’s true for the true red, white and true blue patriot. We are
self-made men, in charge, doing our own thing. We stand tall, erect, straight arrows always hitting our target. We say jump and servile others say how hi. We point a finger and servile others head jiffy quick in that direction. We begin to open our mouths and servile others anticipate what we want and do our bidding. We’re self-made American males. We own stock. We buy stock when low and sell stock when high. We created the great, vulture capitalistic system to benefit ourselves. Oh, wait. what am I saying? I don’t have any of that. I have been held down by a vicious, socialistic system that wants to take what I have and give it to the servile others and they have and I won’t take it anymore. I’m looking for the self-made man who will give me everything I need to be the autonomous man, the rebel against all odds, the Ayn Rand baby who suckled at Ayn’s objectivist breast. Wait a minute. Did I just say give me everything I need to be the self-made man? How can I be self-made if I am dependent on the secular savior? And the savior? He just lost the election the socialists say. Whatever. I don’t need him. I have my John Wayne, Gene Autry, Lash Larue, Lone Ranger, Superman outfits and plenty of guns. Did you see that Hollywood is putting out a lot of what look like really great shoot-em-up westerns during this fake epidemic? I’m going to be heading out, jump in my 500 horsepower pickup truck (on which I still owe a ton of money) with the big American flags flying to save the day right after I suckle at my wife’s breasts. Honey, please, pretty please….

*idea from a Richard Rohr meditation

4 thoughts on “The Self-Made American Male*

  1. Pilgrim, don’t question my testosterone or my absolute independence and freedom or I will buy some more ammo with my government check or social security or health care rebate, police protection, public schools, etc.

  2. It’s all so black and white. You’re either this, or you’re that. If you own guns you’re a member of the “toxic militarized masculinity.” If you don’t own guns you’re a member of the “servile other.”

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