After a Peaceful, Easy Mornin’

After a peaceful, easy mornin’,
he headed to the convenience
store and three pickups flew in

and three mask-less men got
out and headed in. He sat in
the car waiting for the pickup

boys and their possibly deadly
droplets to depart. They did;
he went in and while checking

out, another mask-less man
came in. He rolled his eyes,
glad for his masked disguise

and headed home, his morn-
ing’s meditations having flown
to the wind. He knows in his

heart that the mask-less men
have the divinity of God in the
marrow of their bones (even if

they couldn’t care less) and they
are loved by God and brothers
of Jesus, but the man is content

to leave all that divine love to
God while he scurries to the
safety of home sweet home.

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