Playing Monopoly

Back in the day, a man and his wife play-
     ed Monopoly with the wife of the chair 
          of the psychology department. She was 
incredibly competitive but no compet-
     ition for the King of Get Out of Jail 
          Free cards. The talking heads wondered 
why such a vindictive, uncaring person 
     would offer gifts to such unworthy per-
          sons. It was concluded that because the 
person is who he is that it’s just his 
     little thumb in the big eye of the country 
          as he exits stage left — an indiscriminate 
assault on the rule of law is how a talking 
     head put it. Seriously, like that's even 
          news anymore, thought the man. On the other 
hand, the wife of the chair of the psycho-
     logy department usually graced the couple 
          with a bottle of wine for them to sip as 
they played all those many years ago. Strange, 
     thought the man, all these years later, 
          I don’t ever remember refilling her glass.

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