Take-Out Before, During and After a Pandemic

Take “only” out of the only begotten son 
of God as the ancient texts put it, so it 

reads the begotten son of God who was in-
carnated and born to tell us and show us 

that we, too, are begotten (from beget de-
fined as “to procreate as the father”) sons 

and daughters of God and if begotten then 
incarnated and containing God’s DNA just 

like our father’s and mother’s DNA. The 
ancients tell us that we are adopted, ex-

cept that means we take a name not DNA but 
God’s DNA quickens in the marrow of nature’s 

bones, then through mother Sophia’s DNA we 
again “beget” Jesus — Love’s Eternal DNA and 

the circle is completed in mercy, justice 
and peace day by day, dear Lord, we pray.

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