It Was an “Oh, Okay” Kind of Morning

He said, watching his wife rise from the bed,
“Where are you going?” “To take a shower.”
“Why don’t you let me shower first and then
take the dog out and you can sleep as long
as you like. Just tell the girl to go back to
sleep for awhile if she gets up.” “I have an
eye appointment.” “Oh, okay.” He got up
also and headed to the upstairs shower.
Then the dog got up and looked around
for someone to take her out. He could hear
her run up the stairs looking for him. He got
out and saw the dog waiting for him at the
bottom of the stairs. “Oh, okay. I’m coming.”                
While the man put on his clothes, so many                   
clothes in the winter, the dog sat by the slid-
ing door looking for bunnies or perhaps
wondering just when she would be able to
tinkle. “Oh, okay, okay. Here I am, but go
slowly; it’s icy outside.” She didn’t have to go
so badly. She took her time; sniffed at the deer
pee, sniffed for some rabbit poop, stuck her
nose in the rabbit tracks and finally peed.                  
Wanting the dog to move along, he said,
“Oh, okay, okay. Enough.” Then he made the
mistake to get her to move toward the house.                   
“Oh, okay. Want your dinner?” The large,
strong Chocolate Lab shot across the snow,
onto the icy cement, to the door. He held the
leash but prayed as he grabbed for dear life
the handle of the sliding door. “Okay, okay,
okay, girl!” After he fed the dog and gave
her treats, his wife wondered how it went
with the dog and asked if he wanted some
coffee. “Oh, okay and oh, okay.”

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