The Landscaping Company is Coming Monday

The Landscaping Company is Coming Monday, 09/24/ 2011



The landscaping company is coming Monday to spread wood chips around our backyard, the pond, the waterfall,


among the Japanese Iris, the day lilies, tiger lilies, hibiscus, sedium, hosta, rhododendron, a butterfly bush, lilac, lily of the valley, and fading, browning, broken, branched ferns


among other things green.


The owner of the company said, “Well, you will want us to take out the weeds, won’t you, before we spread the chips?”


Judgment.  “Weeds? Oh, don’t bother. My wife and I will take care of that.”




We chopped, pulled, tugged.


I hiked the straight and narrow between the wall leading to the upper pond and waterfall and the pine grove where the dog relieves himself, but alas, not straight or narrow enough.


He goes out on his own.  Finds his spot.  Does his business, comes back to the back door and barks authoritatively, “Let me in, now.”


Could you ask for anything more?  A dog who goes out and comes right back in?


Well, maybe.  How about a little farther back in the yard?


I scooped up weed waste and headed for the wood walkway to the garage to the garbage.


I felt the bulge on the left side of the sole of my desert boots.  Why was I wearing my desert boots? Because we are going out after I pick up this yard waste.


Oh, no.  Boomer poop on my desert boot.


The map of the world was cut into the bottom of my sole.  Merrill was just being clever.  It is as if they were saying, “You are a world traveler.”  A Globe Trekker in the parlance.


Did they think about how long it would take to scrape the poop out of South America?


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