Breakout on an Otherwise Quiet Street

Breakout on an Otherwise Quiet Street

“Five men to guard the British Ranks and

Five to watch the town above and

Two to stand at either hand

And one to let Bill Tenor out.”

The Kingston Trio’s Bill Tenor was Old Tenor and Old Tenor was John Webb and John made an old tenor coin,

and the Brits got their undies all scrunched and unceremoniously tossed him in the huscow, clink, big house.

His buddies broke him out.

These folks didn’t have five men to guard the house or watch the town or two to stand at either hand and they weren’t trying to break anyone out,

but there were some who wanted in. They heard the heavy appetizers were going to be delicious and a sommelier would be matching wines to food.

Later they heard it had been wild and crazy, maybe even a neighborhood celebration for some kind of “breakout” like that of John “Old Tenor” Webb. You could hear their undies scrunching.

They wouldn’t have been surprised if someone had been taken from the small house and tossed unceremoniously in the huscow, clink, big house.

The ones that were there just thought it was nice, including the conservative, evangelical Christians who only had one and a half glasses of wine each before going home.

Well, actually two did breakout. The old folks went to the Hampton Inn for a few hours sleep before going back to fix breakfast for the revelers strewn all over the little house.

The next day they were told that the thirty-somethings got wild and crazy enough to go skinny-dipping in Lake Michigan.

They broke out for the beach and at breakfast their hair was still wet.

It wasn’t as wild as the breakout of John “Old Tenor” Webb.  He broke locks and he broke bolts and he broke all that he came nigh,

and it certainly wasn’t as wild as the party for the guy who got released from teen detention in Philadelphia: “Five stabbed at ‘welcome home from jail’ party.”

They were so happy for the release that they shot up the street and stabbed the heck out of a few partygoers. Now that’s one “wild and crazy” neighborhood party.

“Shoot ‘em up on otherwise quiet street. Guns blaze and people stabbed during wedding reception after conservative, evangelical Christians go home having only had one and a half glasses of wine each.

It was reported the wine had been poured by a sommelier and that the heavy appetizers were gourmet.”

John ‘Old Tenor’ Webb was seen breaking out through the back door that he came nigh. It is further reported that he just opened the slide, stepped out and closed the slide behind him and walked away.”

The neighbors grumbled, “See, we should have called the police.”

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