The Earth Abideth Forever

The Earth Abideth Forever

One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh; but the earth abideth for ever.   — Ecclesiastes 1:4

The generation came and built a modern technological city with just the right streets and Buildings mapped out:  architects, sociologists, demographers, city planners

All came together to build the perfect modern city next to the perfect nuclear plant planned by the best nuclear scientists and engineers to fuel the needs of the people

A gazillion miles away in the magnificent cities built and governed by magnificent people all By and for the people who would benefit by the enterprise.

Years before, the great social engineers put thousands and thousands to work in the Swamps to drain the life out of them and create really great farm land to feed the masses

In the magnificent cities a gazillion of miles away named after those who had stolen the Cities from anyone who actually had anything at all to do with building them.

And then it all blew to hell and all the humans moved out.

Twenty some years later, it’s the accidentally greenest city in the world.  No humans, just Wolves and bison and raptors and bald eagles and greenery

Creeping up between the bricks and mortar and collapsing metal buildings and rotting Wood structures and the lingering crackle of the atoms

Split by really, really smart scientists who wished to control the elements we studied in Chemistry 101 for the benefit of all the masses in the magnificent urban areas.

And the native grass grows and the trees grow and the concrete breaks and the earth Plows it all under while the wolves follow the wetlands to the beavers.

A bison calf falls to winter and the wolves descend. It isn’t even a contest.  They pull and Tug and tear at the carcass. The bison return; the wolves snarl and leave and the bison

Gather around the dead calf, sniff and nudge and mourn its death and then

Move along.

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