The Politician’s Profundity

The Politician’s Profundity

He loves the trees of Michigan; apparently they are

just the right height,


as, opposed to say what, for example –

Ohio, the Buckeye State?


Was it the kid at six who had to look way up to see the top?

How high is high? Way high but

just the right height.

Was it the adolescent who looked up just before he headed west?

How high is high? Not as high but

just the right height.

Was it the adult who looked up just before he headed east?

How high is high? Less high but

just the right height.

Way high, not as high, less high, but always

just the right height.


Is that oak high, beech high, purple maple high,

ash high, elm high, birch high,

walnut high, sycamore high, willow high,

chestnut high, hawthorn high,

scotch pine high, red pine high, white pine high,

tamarack high, Dr. Dorsch’s ginkgo tree still standing

in Monroe, Michigan high?


And what about all the kinds of oak and beech and maple,

not just purple and all the rest and

all those not mentioned here?  Lots and lots of different trees

just the right height.


He loves cars, too – Chevy cars, Ford cars, Chrysler cars

and he used to love American Motors cars

like the Gremlin driven by John Denver in the movie,

Oh, God!, before they disappeared like

some of the trees which before they disappeared were

just the right height,


big cars, little cars, truck type cars, van type cars, convertible cars,

four, six (inline and v) and eight (always v) cylinder cars, station wagon cars, especially

station wagon cars which are

just the right height – to tie the dog on top.


Suffice it to say that this is a pretty profound politician

when it comes to

just the right height of trees and station wagon cars

which are also

just the right height.

1 thought on “The Politician’s Profundity

  1. Oh, I’m just a-chuckling … nothing like a profound politician … nicely written. Every time I hear Romney, I wonder: Does this many have any convictions at all? Is he afraid to say them? Is he just kissing everyone’s ass? It’s truly amazing to me. And his constant one-note band: “I know all about the economy. I created jobs.” The man never created a job in his life; he took companies that others created and killed jobs, and made money! That’s all Romney’s ever done.

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