The Wind Blew in the Valley

The Wind Blew in the Valley

The wind blew in the valley.

The Javelina sang

with a diaphragmatic belly.

And Piestewa felt a pang


of great regret and grief

that the Diamond-back rattler left

and made off like a thief

with a Gila of great  heft.


He crawled back in his hole

but the Gila’s head got stuck.

The Trickster came and stole

but the Gila began to buck


and twist and squirm and snap

the coyote’s Achilles heel.

So Piestewa laid a trap

while Javelina let out a squeal —


from the valley below

the Spirit rose on high,

tapped the Trickster’s elbow

and the dog thought he would die


as he slid down on his belly

while the wind blew in the valley.

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