He’s Not Back Yet, Is He?

He’s Not Back Yet, Is He?

She’s run around the world, twenty-five thousand

Miles, the equivalent of running around the globe

At the equator over forty-three years.


Her husband wonders how she ran across all that

Water, funny guy that he is. He ignored the part

About equivalent.  She says not to worry


And wonder at my feet’s feat. She was just follow-

Ing in Jesus’ steps rather than jogging in the sandals

Of The Fisherman, The Rock, The


Pope, The Guy who made it a few steps out of the

Boat and went kersplash, kerplop. Well, what

Do you expect of someone named Rock?


Her Husband, clever man that he is, asks from

His place on the family couch, “So, Darling,

If you are following Jesus and just


Skipping across the seas like a rock skipping

Along the top of the water, how come it

Took you forty-three years?”  She


Just looks him in the eye, before walking

Out the door for her morning jog, and

Says, “I didn’t want to show him up.”


“Besides,” she adds as she closes the door

Behind her, “He’s not back yet, is he?”

1 thought on “He’s Not Back Yet, Is He?

  1. they are becoming better and better…are you entering/publishing them? current Poets & Writers (grandson sells mags for school) is devoted to subject of not paying to enter contests. about to read after my computer check of the world. best! plan a reply (lost yesterday when i hit wrong key) to your e-mail..@TTHS

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