World War I Was a Mistake

World War I Was a Mistake

World War I was a mistake

The scholar said.

Millions dead.

You mean the war so Great!

Tony, the tiger roared

and bombs so bright soared.

Germany needed a break

From England

And Frenchmen

Sure, on the economic take.

So, the Bosnian Serb

Provided the nerve

To attack, a mistake.

Austrian dead

Where’s their head?

What sense does it make?

None, as rats,

Roaches and feral cats

The trenches for the take.

Blood, guts on soaking floor

Guys’ nuts, more and more gore

Splayed in the wake

Of marching mud

Caked thud

And body parts, ain’t it great?

Modern warfare,

How about some fanfare?

Yes! WWII and bombs to make

Proving over again

That the roaches, not men

Rats, feral cats do make

Along with Garlic

Mustard, the true invader

From Europe, the

Inheritors of the


Make no mistake.

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