I Wish For Bunnies

Here is six-year-old grand daughter Avery’s latest poem:

I Wish For Bunnies

I Wish For Bunnies

I wish for Bunnies

Bunnies and more Bunnies.

they would hop all around

and they would hop so

fast that they lost all there fur, so

they would be naked! When I

wished for the bunnies

they just randumly came out

of the forest.  The trouble was that

one day we ran out of carotts

then the bunnies starvd to death

then we had to save up for thousans

of dollars so the Bunnies

would not starv to death. then we

family got a thousen dollars.  so then

we bout so much carotts and the days

went by and they did not starv to death

Because they made there Birthday and

there wish was that they never ever

got hungry again and the wish came true

And we lived happicly ever after.

2 thoughts on “I Wish For Bunnies

  1. Avery touched on everything in this poem – sweet bunnies, nakedness, hunger, money, possible death, birthdays…and a happicly ever after!

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