In Times of Deceit

“In times of deceit,


the truth is a



—– George Orwell

“The truth shall

set you


—— Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus, free of deceit, is the

revolutionary who tells

the truth.

The victory of life and love

over death and hate

in the experience

of the aliveness of Jesus

after being crucified,

is what gave


to the followers of


to be revolutionaries


told the truth in

the ever-present

times of deceit,

and in our ever-


times of

deceit, we the

successors of

apostolic succession

in its most

generous interpretation

need to stop, and ask,

“In times, these times

of deceit,

are we free enough

in Jesus to participate in

a revolutionary

act?”  And on

Jeopardy, Alex Trebek presses

the question,

“What is your



1 thought on “In Times of Deceit

  1. Too many lies
    Too many gray areas
    Too little clear-cut distinctions
    Fiscal v.s.moral cliffs
    Jesus with a crown of angry W.A.S.P.s

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