They Died Out of Order

Writing is a struggle against silence.

—- Carlos Fuentes

The quote, taken from Word Press, is true especially regarding social struggles, but

silence can be so personal and very much like a secret, only to be shared

at the right time. The following addresses the question of timing:

They died out-of-order.

The husband died out-of-order.

He was young —

A young father;

His son was only fifteen.

Dad died out-of-order.

He isn’t talked about

By family years later.

He isn’t referred to;

He hides in the marrow

Of his son’s bones,

The crevasses of his

Brain and folds of

His heart.

The wife died out-of-order.

She was young —

A young mother;

Her son was twenty-five

And her daughter,


Mom died out-of-order.

She isn’t talked about

By family years later.

She isn’t referred to;

She hides in the

Marrow of her children’s


The crevasses of their

Brains and the folds

Of their hearts.

A dad and a mom

Died out-of-order,

And as a result

In this culture,

They don’t get mentioned

Like grandma and

Grandpa get mentioned

In family talks with

Anecdotes and more

Anecdotes. Is that

Fair, just because

They died out-of-order?

Will their stories be told

In anecdotes and more


To children and grandchildren

In the rightful place

Of family gatherings?

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