The SUV Danced and Pranced

The enormous SUV danced and pranced

through the shallow stream splashing

cold, clear, mountain water and moved

quickly into the shadow of a gorgeous

landscape emerging in the bright western

sky and jumping to a wheel spinning, dust

raising stop.  Between luscious takes of a

glorious, plastic steering wheel and faux-wood

dash, the plush seats made of the semi-precious

hide of a poor, old, dilapidated cow sent to

the slaughter somewhere in the flat, dusty,

smelly land of West Texas gave an award

winning performance by just sitting there

looking pretty. Who would have believed that

the old cow would be so gussied up and

have a starring role in a commercial

while the SUV belched lung-choking fumes

in what otherwise had been a pristine


1 thought on “The SUV Danced and Pranced

  1. “Belched lung-choking fumes”? It seems incongruous with my experience of contemporary ads. My objections would have been more in line with the destruction of the stream bed and then the visual pollution of the SUV itself. Nonetheless, I do appreciate your sentiment regarding the environment and destruction of wild places.

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