If We Had Done

If we had done in Afghanistan, way back when, to get and bring to justice Osama bin-Laden in what would have been seen as a deft police operation much like what just happened in Boston after the marathon, and especially after the last twenty-four hours of hunting down the two suspected bombers, one older, more radical brother now dead and the other, a poor, nineteen-year-old popular school kid found, like a scared, wounded, dirty dog, half alive in a boat in a backyard of a home in a Boston subdivision and now in custody and perhaps also dead, we would have saved approximately a million lives and a trillion or so dollars and lots of things would, today, be a lot better for countless Iraqis, Americans, Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, and a bunch of Unitarian/Universalists who could have stopped shaking their heads and wringing their hands in disbelief at the shock and awe in 2003 until today. One or two for a million and a trillion? While I would like to be a pacifist, right now I can live with non-violence as much as possible and triage. And so it goes….

2 thoughts on “If We Had Done

  1. A “SURGICAL STRIKE” would have sufficed, but our hubris required “Shock and Awe”…and perhaps “nation building” and new American bases in the Middle East, perhaps a pre-emptive grab for the oil…more likely just ignorance of history and culture and a paroxym of Texas anger.

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