The Boston Bombing Was Bad

The Boston bombing was bad,

really bad, but anymore bad

than the hundreds who died

in West, Texas from a fertilizer


explosion, not a terrorist’s bomb

(if only it had been a terrorist attack,

what a story that would have made,

even better and bigger than Boston)


– a story that played second fiddle

to Boston, any worse (to be more

grammatically correct) than all

the deaths on American highways


during the same period of time

devoted to media coverage of

Boston with all the talking heads

talking their heads off, any worse


than all the deaths from gun fire

on American streets during the

same period of time devoted to

Boston or any worse than all the


innumerable (undocumented, un-

known) lives lost world-wide

during the same period of time

devoted to Boston by all our


covert wars, not to mention

Afghanistan, one more

tired, tired-out time – the bombs,

drone strikes, assault rifle fire,


killing, death, destruction, mayhem,

who knows and who cares as long

as the market approaches fifteen

thousand and rising? And that doesn’t


even touch the unnecessary deaths

which occurred during that time devoted

to Boston in those institutions

dedicated to health and happiness –


your friendly, local hospital. But

Boston was all about patriotism

(It isn’t by accident a team is the

Boston Patriots).  Are you kidding?


The scenario couldn’t have been

any better, to strike a cynical note.

Boston, terrorist attack, bravado,

Boston tough, Boston media bull.


“When will they ever learn?

When will they ever learn?”




2 thoughts on “The Boston Bombing Was Bad

  1. Outstanding stuff … ya’, the media loves such stuff … and it gives Americans a chance to “know how tough we are,” and how bad others are – that so many others died tragically is hardly newsworthy when we find something else to crow about. Anyway, thanks … I’ve shared via Twitter.

  2. I read this like the the one in which your friend chose the only right comment to your pain:
    “I’m sorry.”
    Why do thousands follow a murder case for 7 weeks, or the terrorists for 72 hours straight?

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