I Read a Post Recently

I read a post recently where it was written:

“Wendell Berry called the hidden wound—

that raw, throbbing one that never grows

skin thick enough to keep it from puncturing

and bleeding at the slightest touch.” Barack

Obama has exposed the previously hidden,

denied, buried after hangings became unpopular

reality – the wound that no longer is hidden if you

have eyes to see and ears to hear what is under all

the obstructionist behavior.  This isn’t political; this

isn’t ideological; this is carotid artery, skin popping,

blood spurting hemorrhaging and sometimes it is

really good to sit back and look at the carnage,

wipe the blood of the saints from our brows,

breathe deeply and say a prayer for the America

that thinks by vote of the Supreme Court we have

arrived at the post-racial, enlightened, bias-less

utopia, Nirvana, heaven-on-earth kingdom of the

God who is still White.


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