Sometimes You Read a Book

Sometimes you read

a book that leaves

you — face flushing,

heart pounding,

pulse surging,

throat tightening,

eyes tearing,

scared as a

Jack Rabbit hopping

into the path

of a coiled

Western Rattler

lurking under the

dead branch of

a Cholla just waiting

to strike and the last

few pages struck

hard and fast and

the venom rushes

through literary veins

causing the paralysis

of addiction, the rare

antidote known as

the highly touted




2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Read a Book

  1. I am a book addict. Books saved my life as a child…from MOTHER WEST WIND STORIES to YANKEE FLIER IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC to the encyclopedia to Yeats and Longfellow, Poe and Shakespeare and Bible and theology and biographies and exciting fiction and mindbending works on math and physics. They filled the hours travelling the world with my Father and Mother during WWII, filling the void of friends and avoiding bullies at new schools every year, sustaining me in my careers. I do not want to be cured…yes, I even enjoy the sequels…and every day is Christmas when you love to read.

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