As Some Books Electrify

As some books

electrify to the marrow

of the bones,

others, recommended

strongly by timid

souls hiding for

months if not years

in their hideaway

habitats while


ego release and

spiritual awakening

and inner strength,

leave the flesh flaccid

— every last paragraph

of every chapter (a

suggestion for scanning

by a former English

prof.) from first to

last was just all the




with all the banal

self-help sentiments and

jargon wrapped in

superficial Judeo/Christ-

ian, Hindu, Buddhist

and, of course, humanist


thrown in to appeal

to those slipping

away from forty-three

years of traditional

interpretation of the

doctrines to

enlightened table-talk

with the supposedly

well-educated, academ-

ically credentialed

professionals hiding

in their own hideaway

habitats out of which

they venture on

occasion, particularly

if there is an

audience or, perhaps

even more fashionably, a

soiree of retirees.

2 thoughts on “As Some Books Electrify

  1. Read this in your book just a few moments ago … had to laugh … painfully true, as I wander the “self-help” section of Barnes and Noble, and check out the “Christian Inspiration” shelves … a mighty thin soup, indeed … holding out to the reader the long-sought-after solution to all of life’s ills … all for only $29.95! If you wait awhile, you can pick it up at Costco for $5 … or at your neighbor’s garage sale for 25 cents.

  2. Reminded me of something I read this morning: George Orwell (1937) contended that British citizens were diverted from solid thinking about socialism because of the number of socialist cranks … “all that dreary tribe of high-minded women and sandal-wearers and bearded fruit-juice drinkers who come flocking towards the smell of ‘progress’ like bluebottles to a dead cat.”

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