He Heard the Stories in Sunday School

He was a little boy

         who wanted to

                  save the world.


He heard the stories

         in Sunday school

                  of Jesus –


all the stories about

         all those poor –

                  the Sermon


on the Mount and the

         one on the plain

                  just the same


and Matthew 25. He

         watched Superman

                  in black


and white and he

         jumped off the



onto the floor with

        towel cape flying



He ran down the

         walkway onto

                  the sidewalk,


in front of the house.

         Today, sixty-years



he knows Superman

         can’t penetrate



but he still remembers

         the stories of Jesus

                  as he gets


ready to send a letter

         to the Governor

                  to find


a way to save the

         pensions of the

                  retirees of


the bankrupt city of

         Detroit, which isn’t

                  the world


but it is Detroit,

         and that’s enough

                 for now.

But it could

be the world —

one city

at a time.

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