Is it God or the God-spot?

Several years ago he wrote a piece

about a visitation from his late wife

about a year after her death.  It had

been as real as real could get for him

and it shook him to the core of his

being. Evidence of life beyond death

or hallucination due to extreme

anxiety, something outside and

beyond or all contained in popping

neurons in the three pounds packed

in the protective shell?  Was it a gift

from God or simply the God-spot as

some refer to the source of spirituality

tucked away in those folds and who

is to say only the God-spot when

something authored the spot;

and who is to say only God, when

God is unprovable scientifically?

What the man does know for sure?

The vision was a gift for there in

his late wife’s voice he heard

unconditional love and he knew

his journey to healing was secured.

And so in faith nineteen years later,

he remains grateful to God for the

God-spot in his brain.

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