St. Paul Wrote

St. Paul wrote that we have nothing

to fear from the authorities, but

what in the heck was going

through his mind, except

maybe the survival of the church

in really hostile territory?  Just

think of history. Now we

have an affable president

expanding surveillance unprecedentedly

of everyone on the face of the earth

not to mention those protected

by the Fourth Amendment.

And not only the government guy, but

corporate America bombarding every-

one via the internet with every

interest and preference and

choice and purchase anyone ever made

since visiting a link on the internet.

Foolish man. He thought by avoid-

ing Facebook he was safe from

the long arms of corporate interest and

paranoid government inquiry, which

in other times and places formed an

unholy alliance called Fascism.

And, so now he  realizes that this could

be interpreted as a diatribe against

the powers-that-be by the powers-

that-be and it could come back

to bite him in the butt, when in reality

it is but a simple poem by a simple

blogger.  And all this is not

even to mention the discom-

fort of the man’s having to adjust his under-

wear in a store knowing the affable

president might be eavesdropping.

And then, horror of horrors,

he envisioned Dick Cheney as the

president with the prurient interest

who keeps a water board in a

closet in the Oval Office

spying on him while he tugs

through his blue jeans  on

on the wedgie of his

celebrity named

underpants .

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