He Just Saw the Name

One Sunday evening as he sat in front of his

T.V. with a bowl of freshly popped popcorn

at his side, he saw the name David H. Koch

as a sponsor of Nova on PBS.  How can that

be? He wondered, is this one of the brothers

accused of many things including trying to

break the back of PBS and NPR and get them

de-funded from the federal budget? And sure

enough, it’s baby brother to older brother Charles.

Is this an act of  “join ‘em to defeat ‘em” —  a

conspiracy of sorts? A Koch Syndrome like the

China Syndrome with the possibility of  a PBS/

NPR national meltdown? Really?  Maybe. Seems

that way, but he didn’t know. Their collective

reference – The Koch Brothers – sounds, in

reporting, as carrying the weight of many nations,

as in “China said…North Korea did…Russia

said…the Koch Brothers are reported to have

done…” and in reality, their collective material

worth makes many nations’ GNP look like last

year’s chicken feed. And then he thought about

this one particular, individual guy, the fourth

richest American, sitting in front of his T.V.

watching Nova on PBS with a bowl of freshly

popped popcorn at his side as so many other not

really very rich nor particularly rich or maybe

just middle of the road middle class and maybe

some particularly poor people, the 99.9 % because

it only takes an antenna to watch PBS, maybe even

one with Reynolds Wrap wrapped around it. And

with that in mind, he thought there may be, just

may be, a glimmer of hope or maybe David H.

just wants it all to himself.


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