It Was His Linda

He watched the little,

pudgy, double chinned,



really funny


interviewed on late

night T.V.

She talked frankly

and humorously

about the reality

of ever-present




from which no

one can

escape. It’s

omnipresent – on

the street, blaring

down the halls

in buildings, beside

you in the


She seemed so








a-person, not to mention

celebrity. She had been

his girlfriend from

afar and many albums

gone by. Asked about

Jerry, she smiled and

said she thought he

was doing

a fine job.

Mr. Parkinson had

robbed her of her

singing voice

but you wouldn’t

know it bothered

her to look

at her and hear

her talk.

Her sense of humor

transcended the

sadness and she

had the host in

tears of


This star who sat

cross-legged in

the guest’s chair

talked about

her journey without

pity or self-

indulgence. Did he

detect a profound

sense of


She had survived

when many friends

had not due to

drugs and Aids and

other stuff. He sat in

a St. Thomas bar on

a Saturday night

years and years ago

and watched and

yearned for the

the sexy singer

on the huge

screen who

howled to the

great down beat,

“You’re no good,

You’re no good,

You’re nooo gooood.”

and years later

with Nelson Riddle,

thrilled him as

he sat in the big

green leather

chair and listened

to the high notes

ascending to

heaven with


It was his Linda

and he couldn’t

help calling out at

that late hour,

“You go, girl.”



2 thoughts on “It Was His Linda

  1. It was a time of emotional disaster for me in the late 70’s and her singing got me through to the other side. Thank you, Linda

  2. Heard a great interview with Linda by Terry Gross on Fresh Air…..and then spent the next how many hours listening to her voice on her CD’s …..and get carried away.

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