The Tipping Point

A friend, someone


lost it all

to an unscrupulous


believes that the growing

gap between the

400 richest Americans

and everybody else

especially the

gargantuan number

of poor and


will result in


The tipping point

is very close,

he says.  Because

he’s now poor, too,

and angry?  Actually,

he’s adapting well

because of faith.

He’s getting to

know Jesus

a lot better

than ever and has

taken to the simple

life. The social

contract kicked in,

and he has government

help except for

the 95% of his

food stamps now

gone like the wind. Millions


and by now are

beginning to understand

that they aren’t a

simple, temporary

misfortune away

from being

millionaires as

Steinbeck described

the great American




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