A Tale of Two Cities

The family got up on the children’s schedule, as usual, ate bananas, organic cereal and yogurt, while middle child had her hair braided for the Sunday morning gymnastics meet in the town that defines spirituality as fast bike rides into the mountains, long runs, rock climbing and various versions of yoga while flat land church goers sat and heard the roar drown out the preacher’s sermon and glimpsed through the stained glass the roofs of their homes fly by and 180 mile an hour twisters lift SUVs and drop them a block or so away.  Those that stayed home from church looked up and saw the blue sky from their basements and in a few minutes, it was all over.  Ironically, all the church buildings sat intact even the steeples and church goers walked out to see their flat land even flatter while the young lady did a nice job at the gymnastics meet in the mountain town that only a month or so before almost had been washed into oblivion. 

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