The Religious Rich

The religious rich, coldly, savagely,

with the wicked wonder of sub-

stitutionary atonement as their

rationale, look upon all those below

them economically, morally,

religiously as, inherently, unworthy.

It’s a moral issue, naturally, they say.

Freedom requires hard work and that

is missing, of course, and we have

given more than enough time, they say.

The rich may not have gotten to where

they are in the God forsaken hierarchy

through any effort of their own as second

or third generationalists, rather perhaps

through the avaricious grasping of their

parents, grandparents and on and on,

but however they got it, it is a provid-

ential gift that gives them the right to

call all those below, and that means a

heck of a lot, to shape up, measure up

or give it up and get lost and better than

that, just plain vanish, please, they ask,

demand and pour a pittance of their

riches into keeping those who are not

like them, if only on surface appear-

ances as brown or black or gay, because

they pollute life, down and out.  And so,

democracy is gone, brought to the curb

and tossed under the bus by avaricious

capitalism crouched in escatalogical

terms of hyper-evangelical Christianity

fighting for Jerusalem and hurrying

the second return, a pause to meet

Jesus in the sky and then the blessed,

justifying, satisfying, blood slaking 

Armageddon when God finally will

obliterate the unworthy (of course,

we all are unworthy they would

demure but then we are the elect

they would declare) and the one

percent of one percent will meet

and greet the greatest defender of

conservative moralist causes, the

righteously and justly avaricious

capitalist of all eternity – Jesus,

the Capitalistic Christ, who

will establish the Dow Jones and

the S and P on the Dome of the

Rock for ever and ever, amen and


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