Part-Way Through

Part-way through a New Year’s Eve

New York Philharmonic concert

on PBS featuring Yo-Yo-Ma play-

ing a piece by a new composer Yo-

Yo is sponsoring, the T.V. viewer

audaciously, facetiously asked if

they could switch stations to the

Duck Dynasty Marathon on A and

E, which he knew was already over.

In that moment his wife wished she

had Yo-Yo’s gut bow in hand to slap

her husband upside the head. Instead,

she just said, “Better luck next year,

Bubba,” and continued watching mes-

merized by Yo-Yo’s playing, smile

and sweat and the young accordion

player next to him as they got it on

with the symphony playing discordant

chords and wild and crazy harmonics

on a New Year’s Eve with the Phil-

harmonic in the Big Apple before

the apple fell in Times Square

marking the new year.

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