They Are Anything But Wealthy

They are anything but wealthy

financially, thank God, they say

because they don’t know if they

could resist the accompanying

temptations. It’s the same with

jobs. They did okay, again they

say, but nothing to boast about

except, perhaps, for jobs well

done, which might be a lot to

brag about, if they were the brag-

ging types, which, because of

circumstances they are not, thank

God — again they think for the

same reason, that being pride,

big heads and delusions of gran-

deur which, invariably, attack

the one percent with a predict-

ability rating greater than that

of the predictability of the

extent of the bubonic plague,

but they didn’t have the internet

back then to help track the

rapid spread of that disease.

Still, effects of the diseases of

greed and hubris are always

no-brainers and one hundred

percent predictable. Some

just get lucky and are passed

over and saved by grace, like

the covenant children in Egypt.



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