He Sat at the Table

He sat at a four-legged table,

which had one leg about two

inches shorter than the other


three. Of course, it leaned,

but not so much so that things

wouldn’t stay on it. His coffee


cup and dinner plate leaned

in the direction of the shorter

leg. They didn’t look complete-


ly comfortable leaning like that;

they had a precarious stillness.

The coffee in the cup angled


toward the lip and the food on

the plate slid slightly but held

as did the flat wear probably


because it rested on a cloth

napkin and didn’t slide easily.

His chair sat straight, so he


sat straight wondering if he

should lean in the direction

of his coffee cup and dinner


plate, but that would be awk-

ward sitting in a level chair.

He thought about getting a


saw and cutting one leg of

the chair two inches shorter

than the other three legs so


he could align with his meal,

but he wondered if then he

would fall over. Another


possibility would be to craft

a two-inch high piece of

wood to fit under the short


leg. Another would be to

skip the meal, get up from

the table and just walk away


hungry. And isn’t that always

the dilemma posed by this,

that or the other?




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