Some People Are Beaten Down So Hard

Some people are beaten down so hard

by life and then there are those who

are beaten down for their sake. He thinks

of when he was a young boy in his grand-

mother’s kitchen watching her pound the

big mound of dough into submission with

her wood pastry roller and then sprinkling

the carcass with white embalming dust and

rolling out the body with the rolling-pin — back

and forth, back and forth — until it was as flat as

she wanted it to be, except the dough didn’t

bleed, never bled like those always do who stand

up to oppression and suffer the batons of bigotry.

They bleed and some die as the injustice rolls

over them like his grandmother’s roller, but as

with his grandmother’s dough, when she put it in

the oven, it wasn’t to burn it to ashes but to watch

it warm and rise and form a beautiful crust to

protect that which was so light and tender inside.

The protesters don’t rise like a Phoenix from the

ashes, rather they rise in resurrection and their

blood forms a beautiful, brown crust to be broken

at the dinner table while Jesus’ followers consume

the delicious, divine,  life-giving bread.

3 thoughts on “Some People Are Beaten Down So Hard

  1. Perfect communion meditation in Lent! Breaking bread at every meal is giving thanks for those who have given their lives…………..
    This one is exceptional, Bob.

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