The Way It Used to Be

In the spring,

it used to be

delightful showers.

Now it’s thunderstorms,

lightening and torrential

rain for hours,

not to mention killer

tornadoes wiping out towns

and shutting down

the power.


In the summer,

it used to be

lazy days and warm

summer nights.

Now it’s scorching

desert heat

where even the Gila

monsters, scorpions and


beat a speedy retreat.


In the fall,

it used to be,

for many, the favorite

season of all

with Indian Summer

colors and a chill

in the air.

Now it’s hurricanes

that seem like daily fare

where everyone is

washed away and given

a horrendous scare.


In the winter,

it used to be

the wish for snow

by December twenty-five.

Now its enough to stay warm

and keep alive

in the subzero weather

and enough snow, making

it hard to survive.


In the spring, summer, fall

and winter,

it’s the way it used to be

before global warming

became a frightening,

earth changing, life




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