What If We Released the Prisoners?

What if we released the

thousands upon thousands

of non-violent prisoners who

cost the U.S. taxpayer about

sixty-thousand per year per

person, gave them rehab if

needed at a fraction of the

cost and remedial classes at

a fraction of the cost and en-

rolled them in community coll-

eges at a fraction of the cost

with Roman Catholic nuns as

their sponsors? They might get

their wrists slapped with a ruler

by the old-timey ones in the

starched habits (and, to be honest,

some might still need that slap),

but they would get the big bear

“Where is your habit, sister?”

nun hug celebrating success for

the previously incarcerated non-

violent persons, and for those

very nuns (starch or no starch),

and Jesus, yes, always Jesus and

the tax payers who get a pretty

penny, prison rebate, too.

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