Leave it to Beavers

Nobody set out to destroy

the earth.

There were no

good guys or bad. There

was never a dearth

of curiosity;

just a mistaken

notion of ingenuity.

The industrial revolution,

combustible engine,

interstate highways,

Model T’s,


Mustangs, Camaros,

Thunderbirds and


Oil and gas our

life to ease.

Raise the standard of

living, but now after

growing extremely

comfortable, we are

aware of rising seas.

The West shrivels;

the East drowns;

everywhere else

Mother Nature frowns.

It’s a question of human


for the earth will rebound,

there’s no denial,

so what will be our way

to survival?

“Could it be?” asked the seer

to believe our salvation

is in the little, old beaver

who routs the drought

and saves water so

humanity may recover?

Only time will tell,

but it’s better than burning

in our human made hell.

Leave it to beavers

the overachievers

the PBS show

Nature wants us

to know.



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