He Knows the Media

He knows the

commercial media

pay way, way

too much


(like the ubiquitous


with social media)

to the very vocal,

very small, out of step,

who scream

blood murder at any

new idea


they are scared of

their shadow on the


and just know it’s

a minority

here to take

it all –

away. And while

he wishes the media

would just quit,

he knows it would

put them in a snit,

so, they just keep

scaring the wit

out of everyone to

keep them addicted to

watching what will

be the next hit.

But the really scary

thing is dummy down pols

addicted to the money of

the super rich

addicted not just to

carving out a nitch

but who think their money

makes them

Oracles of Delphi

instead of oracles of deny,

defy and decry

who can’t

settle for anything

but the whole pie

which, without a

middle class,

will shrink and in time

will pass —


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