A Different Hunger Game: Cannibalizing When We Forget the Lessons of History

A friend insightfully wrote: “To understand what Colonial

Europe did in Africa is to understand what finally

happened: WWI and then, ultimately, WW2, as


the Colonial powers finally turned on themselves.”

He had read somewhere that World War I was

unnecessary. In summary, an arch-duke got


shot and the continent went to hell in a gigantic,

pent-up over-reaction. The Germans ate appetiz-

ers of smaller countries, feasted on French cuis-


ine for a while and belched on Russia. He read

somewhere that World War II would have been

unnecessary if the first mistake hadn’t been made


thus becoming mistake #2. But the German appetite

was unquenched so more countries were gobbled

up and the whole world was to be on the Palatinate


plate were it not for indigestible places like Britain

and the U.S. But I and II happened and millions

died, were slaughtered, mowed down, gobbled up.


The Colonialists couldn’t reach out like they had

for sumptuous delicacies across the seas, mostly

dark meat to build the protein for their pale, white


palates. And, so, they devoured each other and

about as much white meat was left on the carcass

as is left two days after Thanksgiving dinner. Modern


day Colonialists’ thirst cannot be slaked by domestic

beverages, so they reach out for the dark Arabian brew

that goes down so smoothly but they gagged on it, threw


up a million injured and killed and a couple of trillion

dollars misspent. And they live and die by the words

of an Exceptional Man, “Stay thirsty, my friend.”







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