From My Place on the Balcony

From my place sitting on the balcony,

the smiling Buddha wore a Coon-skin cap.

On closer inspection I could clearly see

It was Alvin the Chipmunk who upon Siddhartha sat.

I glanced to where a monk in stillness stood

and saw one of Alvin’s relatives merrily prancing

all around that pious medieval monk’s hood.

Facing east was Confucius another chipmunk dancing

up and down his legs and all around the philosopher’s feet.

It was then and there with much agitation

I ceased eradication and offered my utter defeat.

As long as the rodents didn’t cause consternation

by biting and scratching the pond’s protection,

I would play St. Francis and let them roam

while I sat meditating for spiritual perfection

and some peace of mind while intoning Om.




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