Kicked in the Spiritual Privates

Kicked in the spiritual


in anything but private way

by a council of three gays and

three alpha females

with a big grudge to pay,

the offending church members

had their wings clipped

in a very rude way.


They had tried to point out a

pastoral exploitation

but the exploited leaders

lowered a boom

writing see you later

not anytime soon,


if ever, preferably, never.

Those leaders were right for

all the wrong reasons,

but God’s will was done

in a due season.


The straight couple learned

that gays

aren’t perfect people,

but like all others on life’s way

are still entitled to all rights preached

as Jesus would say

under a short or tall steeple.


They, like all, are fragile, sinful


exhibiting all the

traits of Abel and Cain,

making it all so much better

to be judged rejected

but still spiritually sane.


In spite of those early and late

who said, ignorantly, as they

did with Jesus, bugger off, mate,

what is the Christian way?

Clearly, stand up for all,

straight and gay.

1 thought on “Kicked in the Spiritual Privates

  1. Stand up for all … because we all need help … ain’t no one who can make it alone … and condemning others doesn’t make us stronger … though sometimes the cauldron of little places, with little people fussing around with little things becomes an impossible soup … best to push the bowl of soup away and let it cool, or maybe just congeal …

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