Ah, A Dog’s Life

In spite of everything and

everybody zipping by faster

than a guy zipping up after

being seen relieving himself

in the forest along the jogging

trail, he breathed deeply of

the forest, especially the pines.

He gave thanks for the opport-

unity to jog slowly on a glorious

July morning and he smiled as

he thought of the guy who then

acted as if he were just stopping

to tie a loose shoe lace. He

thought of all the times he stopped

to pee along the way among the

pines and got away with it, some-

times by just a split-second and

a hare’s breadth. He jogged slowly

out of the forest to the parking

lot with his Chocolate Lab who

peed regularly and often along

the way without any apparent

personal embarrassment. Nor

was the dog particularly concerned

about public mores or matters of

modesty while cleaning his privates

while under the outdoor table at

a local coffee shop while his master

sipped a cup of gourmet coffee

after the run.


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