The Ten P.M. Walk, the Book

Product Details
My daughter Rachel and I collaborated on a book of my poetry and stories and her art and formatting. The book is titled The Ten P.M. Walk and here is the description of the book:
The Ten P.M. Walk is a compilation of musings, vignettes, short stories and poetic reflections on daily experiences gleaned from literature, T.V., radio, conversations, observations, interactions, camping experiences, jogging, cycling, kayaking and, last but not least, life with a Chocolate Lab. The author explores the existential with a hint of the eternal.You can go to the Amazon site, click on “books” and then type in The Ten P.M. Walk. It will take you to where the book is advertised. Then a click on the book cover will take you to the description of the book. There you will be able to view the front and back covers and read the reviews.

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