Prescience Has A Way

In what has become hyper-rich

real-estate, years after we bought

in Sleepy Seas, Florida,

we thought going to the then upscale,

indoor mall was the best, especially

as we rode there on our bikes. We

never bought much, but it was a

happening, a thing, prescient as it was,

for us well meaning naïve consumers.

Well, we got to see a lot

of stuff. It seems a million years

ago now, maybe not for grand

reasons such as coming to our senses

regarding consumerism run amok

and free market capitalism as just plain

banality, especially with the

glorious gulf just a few blocks

away but as prescience often

has a way and we’ve

moved away, we

see that more clearly than

ever, each and every


1 thought on “Prescience Has A Way

  1. Love the narrative here … the innocent consumer of years ago … and that’s true … and “pedaling” away from it all, how it all transformed itself in something monstrous for us … but you pedaled away from it, mostly unharmed!

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