YOU ARE MY SUN, a poem by Steve Haarman

You are my sun

I am warmed by you

Grow in orderly fashion

Endure the occasional storm

Never put off by clouds

Your light is in my heart

You provide hidden treasure

I simply cultivate


When my day is done

You give me a chance to rest

Beneath the moon and stars

Until you come and request

That I begin my day and

Watch that I eat healthy

You begin as a spark, but

By noon you have me hot


When my season is done

You still have use for me

My heart must be tenderized

You long for my special groove

You are water washing over stones

Eventually they become smooth

You are my sun

I am a project you can’t release


When my year is over

Preparation will be made

A new dance with the same band

Fresh costume for your parade

You have me depending on you

In a way I like the feeling

When the weather is cold and wicked

You are even more appealing


You are my sun

How long can this go on?

Is forever a real word

I’m in it for the long run

You, too, depend on me

I must absorb your energy

Keep you excited with destiny

You’ve always known it was with me


Steve Haarman

December 2, 2013 ^


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