LOST AND NOT FOUND by Steve Haarman

I just read a poem in
one of my poetry books
while I was rearranging
my bookcase and eliminating
some of the excess.
I believe it had the title, “Picasso”,
and that is what caught my eye.
I read the poem and then put the book down.
When looking for it later it could not be found,
a cause of real frustration.
In the poetic story
Picasso comes over for dinner and
smacks his lips as they eat
roast beef, potatoes with gravy,
a fresh green salad and
some fine medium bodied red wine.
After dinner they sit on
the back porch and talk.
Then Picasso walks out to
the shed saying,
“I will make you some art”.
He finds a broken bike frame,
some stove-pipe, wire, old tools,
a few feathers and some paint.
Pablo fashions an artistic piece,
embellished, as only he could, with
the green feathers and paint.
He gives it to the hosts, gifting them
with a “Here you are.”
While mom and dad are in
their praise and thank you mode,
the teenage son walks by and
looking at the art object says,
“What in the hell is that?”
giving new meaning to
the phrase that one man’s junk is
another man’s art or something like that.
Day and night, night and day,
you are the one.
That is you Pablo, and sadly
I cannot find you.

Stanislaus Kuperski the Firski
February 22, 2015 ^

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