Is a Car a He or She?

Have you guys ever thought of a car
as being a male?
If you said yes, do not drive away,
do not pass Go;
go directly to jail.
Probably, you were thinking Ram
Tough, but tough luck.
That’s all about a truck.
A rental car company commercial
put the question to rest
by showing misogyny
at it’s “This car is my baby;
she’s really something” best.
The macho, arrogant renter
wonders aloud between
two cute girls with auto frills
and come hither grills.
He drives off in
one girl; the other rejected
and missing out on
the thrills
of being ridden
by the arrogant guy
with a wink and lust in his eye.
Have you ever called a car a “she”?
Hey, you guys, don’t tell a lie.
You can plead the fifth;
It’s okay with me.
I pled the fifth so my wife
wouldn’t take away the car key.

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