Me Thinketh Something Stinketh in Denmark, Maybe, But Here For Sure

It’s Black History Month here in America
and the half-black/half white All-American
president has to endure obscenities uttered
knowingly, ignorantly and everything in-
between from the mouths of those you
would think would know better, but
because these elected leaders say what
they do, they reveal their ignominious
hearts while uttering unimaginable
gutter things with their potty mouths.
And we are supposed to say, “Well, you
know, it was one hundred and fifty
thousand or two million years of American
slavery and only a minute and a half since
the Emancipation Proclamation, so we have
to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day.”
Wow, that’s nice advice for the blacks
coming, as it does, from whites. We still
are fighting the Civil War. How do we know?
For one thing and just for starters, there
are more blacks enslaved in prisons than
there were actual slaves before the Civil
War, not to mention the percentage of black
men killed by police in comparison to white
men, and a lot of other unbelievable stuff,
so I guess the war goes on. And another
reason is that February is not only Black
History Month, it is Abraham’s birthday
month and kids all across America wished
Abe a “Happy Birthday” along with George
Washington, but for sure the Revolutionary
War is over. Even England says so, but
if you put those two things together —
blacks and Lincoln, the logical conclus-
ion is that the Civil War still rages. See?
Lincoln needs to step aside so we can
move along here and make some real
progress in race relations. I mean things
undoubtedly, certainly, in fact, will be
a lot better say by the spring of 2015.
That should give us enough time. Surely,
there won’t be any racism by then. There
are those who say there isn’t any now,
but the Civil War rages on. Me thinketh
something stinketh and that they doth
protest too much, those potty mouth-ed
whites with ignominious hearts.

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