Two Journalists Wrote Exposés

Two investigative journalists wrote exposés
of another journalist and exposed him for what
he is, a naked, lying, bald-faced bully, the
most popular bully that ever could be, adored
by the ever shrinking crowd of ever more con-
centrated fear, like a reduction of broth be-
comes thicker and thicker and more and more
dense, looking for a bully to bully some more.
The investigative journalists revealed the
pseudo-journalist for what he is and so the
bully, pseudo-journalist hinted at a hit on
the journalists, saying it was only a metaphor.
The scary thing is that some in the shrink-
ing, concentrated crowd of aficionados, who
wouldn’t know themselves as that or even
what that is, might not know a metaphor from
a pinafore, whatever they might think that is
or is not if they have ever thought of it at
all, and just think metaphor is code for making
a score, which is also a metaphor, thus confirm-
ing the reality that the bully, pseudo-journalist
is just that and no more. The journalists and
their families must hope that that simple revel-
ation stops there for sure and forevermore.

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